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Matteo Boschini

Rita Carpentiero

Pier Giorgio Rancoita

Mauro Tacconi

Who in Geomagsphere

The GeomagSphere transport model code is continuously updated (see Bibliography webpage) and was initially developed during '90s at INFN Milano-Bicocca. Currently, the main core of the code is maintained at Milano-Bicocca (Italy) and at the Institute of Experimental Physics in Kosice (Slovakia). 


Pier Giorgio Rancoita

 Massimo Massimo Gervasi  
  Stefano Della Torre  
  Davide Grandi  
  Mauro Tacconi  
  Matteo Boschini  
  Giuseppe La Vacca  
Mario Zannoni  
Simonetta Pensotti  
Giuliano Boella  


At the institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Pavol Bobik
Marian Putis